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Call for Expression of Interest to join an exciting governance structure of the Family Planning Association of Malawi (FPAM) through the Nominations and Governance Committee (NGC)

About the Family Planning Association of Malawi

FPAM is an indigenous non-profit making and non-political Malawian organization established in 1999 and registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act (1962) and fully registered with the NGO Regulatory Authority (NGORA)/ At global level, FPAM is affiliated to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). FPAM exists to provide comprehensive and integrated youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services young people, women, men and the underserved.

Governance structure of FPAM

The highest governance organ for FPAM is the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC). A Board of Directors reports to the ADC. The various committees of the Board report to the Board. The NGC reports to the ADC.

FPAM is therefore inviting those who are interested to join the NGC on a voluntary basis. This is a non-remunerated position. The organization only covers the direct costs for attending meetings for members to fulfill their mandate.

Duties of the NGC

The NGC is responsible for the following:

  1. Calling for nominations from eligible persons to express their interest for their election or appointment to the Board and screening of all candidates to ensure that they are eligible for election or appointment in line with the provision of FPAM constitution.
  2. Ensuring that membership of the Board and all committee is derived from people of experience and qualifications that are of relevance to the activities of the association.
  3. Presiding over the election as well as enabling the process of appointment of Board Members.
  4. Carrying out performance  evaluation of members of the Board  and all other committees including itself.
  5. Any other duties incidental to.

Eligibility for Appointment as a member of the NGC

  1. The NGC is composed of both members and non-members provided they meet the set criteria. Priority for membership of the NGC shall be for the Association’s members.
  2. To qualify for appointment to membership of the NGC, the ADC shall consider the following general conditions:
    1. There shall be at-least one person with legal expertise, SRHR experience,
      Audit and Accounting expertise, Governance and Membership experience,
    1. No person shall be eligible for such position if he or she is a member of the Board or a member of staff for the Association,
    1.  Only those persons with good standing in the society and without any
      criminal background shall be eligible for appointment.
    1.  A person must not be interested in standing for any positions within the
    1.  Any member shall have to declare their interest and recuse themselves in respect to that specific election should the circumstances be that he or she is related to any of the interested candidates, either by blood, marriage, friendship, or any other significant relationship.
    1. Commitment to upholding the values and mission of FPAM.

Submission of the Expression of Interest

If you are interested join this exciting organization and you believe that you meet the conditions above, please submit your application the following email address  not later than 24th November 2023.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further evaluation and interview.

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