Details have emerged that there are rising cases of young girls seeking Post Abortion Care (PAC) services in public health facilities in Chikwawa district.

Speaking in an interview Chikwawa District PAC focal person Nelson Sekani said 882 patients seeking Post Abortion Care were reported in the district in the just gone fiscal year.

“The situation is very worrisome for post abortion care cases in Chikwawa. If we look at the numbers in the last fiscal year, we had about 882 patients. Of these cases, other patients were reported from three health facilities and other cases were reported at the District hospital,’’ he said.

Sekani further disclosed that abortion is happening mainly among the youth of 10-24 age range in the district. He said most of the times people listen to myths and misconceptions regarding modern contraceptives a situation which has triggered young people resorting to unsafe abortions.

“We are working together with other stakeholders so we sensitize people on the importance of seeking early post abortion care services and getting modern methods of contraception. These cases are among leading causes of maternal mortality rate in the district,’’ Sekani added.

To avert the challenges, the Family Planning Association of Malawi (FPAM) has trained 40 service providers drawn from all health facilities across Chikwawa district in post abortion care.

FPAM Project Coordinator Jimmy Kachale said the organization has done the training in Chikwawa for the first time under its ‘Umoyo Wathu’ project being funded by UNFPA. 

“We have trained service providers drawn across the district and now people will be provided with PAC services in their localities,’’ he said.

Kachale further said the organization has also trained 40 health providers in post abortion care in Rumphi District.

He further said there is a great need to create more awareness and demand for modern contraceptives in the district to reduce cases of unwanted pregnancies which lead to unsafe abortions.